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Magnolia Payday Loans Acquires Two Private Lending Companies

Magnolia Payday Loans keeps developing and expanding in order to reach more customers throughout the US and serve them effectively. Thus, Magnolia Payday Loans completed the acquisition of NCCL No Credit Check Loans to provide financial services in close partnership. The merger provides that Magnolia Payday Loans’ CEO Susan Taylor appoints the former owners of popular loan provider Nia Gill as CEO of the new company. The lender’s name remains the same, although it became a subsidiary of Magnolia Payday Loans. Susan Taylor notes that the company spends much time moving towards the decision and is confident that this step will result in benefits for both parties to the transaction.

Another crucial step the company takes is the acquisition of Jacinto Loans. The move will help Magnolia Payday Loans reach customers in new regions to show them what fast, high-quality financial support is all about. The firm will also retain its current name and will be a subsidiary of Magnolia Payday Loans. Susan Taylor retained the CEO position for Dounia Acres, who was the former owner of the initial company. Both of them strictly believe they are now on the edge of new opportunities.

The new companies have several locations across the United States and use the same lending platform as Magnolia Payday Loans. We are proud of the steps we take towards reaching new heights in the lending industry in order to help more people improve their financial health. Our customers will always be our major value.